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About us.

M3 Design is a small business that builds long-lasting relationships with clients, staff and suppliers. Staying small means we avoid long chains of (mis)communication, we’re all involved in the business of design, and that our creatives work in effective partnerships on complex projects. Staying small hasn’t stopped us being trusted with prestigious jobs from corporations and government agencies.

Technical expertise is essential, and know-how a necessity but to generate true value for clients designers need to be passionate about creating beautiful, long-lasting work. We love the challenges and opportunities each new project brings and we commit the same energy to every job regardless of size.

We love
what we do.

We solve problems.

Our clients range from sole traders to some of the state’s largest corporations. We believe in involving the clients directly in the design process and working ‘with’ them rather than ‘for’ them. Knowing our clients means understanding their communications problems and providing effective, engaging solutions to them.

Twenty years and counting. While we have worked for national and international clients the lion’s share of our work is with and for Western Australian businesses. We understand the environment in which we live and work, and we’re invested personally and professionally in local businesses and projects being successful.

been here
for a while.

Meet Phil

Phil is a creative director with 30 years experience in visual communications working across a wide spectrum of print and digital media.

He founded M3 Design with his wife Sharon in 1999 upon the birth of their first child. Since then M3 Design has built a strong portfolio of clients – both local, national and international – from small startups to multi nationals.

Despite – or perhaps because – of his advancing years he likes to ride his bike for unfeasible and unwise distances. On the rare occasions when he’s not wearing unseemly lycra clothing he likes to draw, read, write and watch Liverpool Football Club fail to win trophies.

For those suffering from insomnia Phil will post regularly on our blog to help you address this modern-day malady.

Email Phil: or call 0412 864 485