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A brief history of M3 Design

A brief history of M3 Design

A brief history of M3 Design

When a company takes as long to launch their site as we’ve done it’s probably fair to reference the title of Stephen Hawking’s seminal work on the beginnings of the universe and everything in it. Sure, the universe took 13.7 billion years to get to where it is today and we’ve ‘only’ taken 20 years to put together a functioning website – but the universe is quite a bit larger than our site. And twenty years is an astronomical amount of time in the lifespan of a business. When you put it that way it’s almost the same sort of challenge.

So, why has it taken so darn long to for us to reach the bleeding edge of late 90s technology? The easy answer would be that we’ve been so busy promoting our clients’ businesses we haven’t invested enough time or energy in to promoting our own. Which is a cop out similar to the builder whose house has unfinished walls or the chef who buys cheap takeout on the way home from their Michelin starred restaurant. The real answer is that we wanted to be able to design, write and develop the site ourselves. And until recently we simply didn’t have the tools or expertise to do this in house. In the process of bringing the site to reality we have learned a whole range of new skills and honed some existing ones so that we will be able to offer more services to our clients.

Back to the title. There was nothing as cataclysmic as the big bang to kick start M3 Design and the company is certainly not in a state of perpetual expansion like the universe. No, it was a simple case of believing we had something to say and something to offer to clients that they may not get elsewhere. Before starting M3, I was lucky enough to work with and for lots of talented people who shared their knowledge and expertise, but I was also naive enough to think I could do their jobs better than they could. Without actually knowing what their jobs entailed. A rude awakening that most would-be entrepreneurs are struck by and suffer for.
We wanted to create a small business in Fremantle that stayed small enough for us to know our clients, staff and suppliers inside out. Knowing the people you work with means caring about what they do and being invested in their success. It also means they know who you are, what your skills are and that they are willing to create lasting relationships. Those lasting relationships are the ones that really pay off – once a client knows what you do, and trusts that you will manage their project well, they are more likely to allow designers the freedom to create surprising and memorable work. Without clients who are in for the long haul we wouldn’t have a business to blog about so I’m eternally grateful for their support and enthusiasm.

The same goes for staff – long relationships produce great outcomes. We’ve been lucky to have a stream of talented, committed staff who care about what M3 does and who always strive to become better at what they do. From time to time we even allow them to take those skills to other employment. Which is pretty noble of us! It’s a cliche to say staff are our greatest asset, but like many cliches it’s become cliched for a reason; it’s true. Again, I thank every one of them for the effort and inspiration they’ve invested into our business.

Twenty years on from that entrepreneurial seizure we’ve accumulated a wealth of experience and skills and worked on a whole host of challenging, exciting, infuriating, inspiring and memorable projects. As you can see, I also bought a Thesaurus during that period. Our favourite recent jobs, and some older ones, are here on the site. Take a look around – we hope you see work that engages and interests you, and most importantly, that you like. We’d love to quote on any opportunities you think we’re qualified for. We don’t do hard sell, we don’t do cut-price-knock-it-out jobs, and we don’t load up extravagant commissions on third party services. We deliver quality solutions that work in the short and long term and that are a rock-solid investment. If that sounds right for your business just drop us a line.

I have to admit I never finished A Brief History of Time. It was one of those library books I kept renewing in the hope I’d be able to settle in to it. And when I say ‘settle in to it’ I mean ‘understand it’. Even though it was advertised as perfect for non-specialists and being written in simple, non-technical language it baffled and eluded me. I don’t expect everyone (or even anyone) to ‘finish’ every last page of our site but I do hope it won’t baffle or elude you – we are in the communications business after all. Thanks for reading, we’ll keep the blog updated with new projects as they happen.